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28th July 2014

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28th July 2014

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When he realized what Eric wanted, he allowed himself to be pulled closer, if only so Eric wouldn’t hurt himself trying. He was dripping hot tears onto Eric’s bed, knowing that he wouldn’t have long now, and the nurse would be back any moment. “It is, though…” he said sadly. “It’s my fault that I hit you…but I want a life where everything is just right with you, and it’s not going to be this life, but I’m going to do everything I can to make you as happy as I can. It’s all I can do for you…it’s all I’m good for with you now…making you happy. I need to make you happy…to make up for this. I’m so sorry…!” His voice was starting to go after so many explanations, cries, and sobs, his last words breathy and barely there. His shuddering form and soft cries met the nurse when she arrived, Eric’s hand in his hair giving her pause in the doorway.

"It’s okay… It really is, promise… I don’t need to be able to move to be happy with you, promise…" The reappearance of the nurse startled him into silence, but only for a moment. He swiped at his own tears to dry his face as well as he could before giving her his best pleading look. "U-um… It really was an accident, and he said he’s sorry… And he wants to make it up to me. Um… Can… Can he stay? He said part of it could be keeping me company while I’m here ‘f you and everyone else is okay with it. Please? Since I… Since… There’s no one else…" That seemed like a good time to let himself resume crying, and if the nurse thought it was purely from trauma and the loss of his parents, it would just help them that much more.

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28th July 2014

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M!A Sight


"N… no… I-I’m sorry?" Honestly, he wasn’t sure whether he should apologize for this or not… and he was tempted to kindly refuse being picked up since he was sure he could just be guided up regularly and didn’t want Eric to somehow fall or anything, but he just let it be when he could almost feel the lack of distance between them. He didn’t need eyesight to tell he was already close since there was that subtle feeling of warmth there before he had even been touched… Not only that, but he could the light rustling of clothes. Following the instructions given to him, he held onto Eric’s shoulders before finding some grounding on the floor with one foot and giving a small hop to comply with the other part as he managed to hook his legs around Eric’s waist… or he assumed it was his waist. "Uh, I-I’m not too heavy, right?" 

"Idiot, you don’t need to apologize for that…" Leave it to Ani to be sorry for something bad happening to himself because it might be inconvenient for someone else. "You’re not heavy at all." More than Eric’s weight, probably, but not hard to support. He toed his shoes off and made his way to Ani’s room, gently laying the other down on his bed when they reached it. After a moment to remove his hoodie, leaving him in a black t-shirt, he laid down with him and cuddled close, draping an arm over his waist. "So. Why can’t you see, and do I need to kick someone’s ass for you?"

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28th July 2014

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M!A Hurt


"Yeah, maybe somebody else they’ll actually bother with…" He said as he kind of backed away after realizing how stupid that action was, frowning slightly. " I’m sorry that I touched it. That was really dumb of me. Uh, are you sure you don’t want your wrists bandaged or anything?" As fine as Eric could claim he was, he was the type to worry about small details anyway. If his friend was feeling pain, then he would at least try to offer again. He didn’t want to be stubborn about taking care of him, but that was sadly one trait he couldn’t hold back. At least he wasn’t just forcing Eric to come with him as much as he kind of wanted to anyway. "I’ve got a first aid kit in the bathroom, so you just have to say the word… We can get that done quickly and then we’ll have some time to just relax while you’re here."

"I’m pretty sure they won’t do this again. With me, at least." Because he was never drinking with any of those fuckers again. Definitely not going to happen. "Mm… Yeah. They’re worse than I thought they were. Do you have anything to clean them with before you wrap them?" They were actually still bleeding in a couple of places. "It would have been nice if they had used something even a little less rough…" He considered asking to borrow a shirt, but it was kind of nice to be able to have his scars uncovered and not worry about it. Ani was the only person he knew that didn’t give him weird looks when he could see them, and since he was already taking advantage by asking for cuddling to be a thing that happened… Well, that would be more comfortable like this, right?

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28th July 2014

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Taking a walk under the moonlight



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28th July 2014

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He was getting far too used to this position, really… Kind of made him feel rather childish, but it wasn’t terrible by any means. A sigh was all he gave as he made himself comfortable. “Constantly surprised I haven’t done so by needing you to verify it over again and again, but it’s nice to be reassured.” He’s going to just relax, even if the topic might be bothersome. He’d tread as lightly as he could for as long as possible though. “That first time we met when you were like that, do you remember that?” It was his turn to run his fingers through Eric’s hair this time, both to possibly be soothing and give his hands something to do… Just to keep nerves under control.

"Mm… I’ll keep saying it then. As often as you need. I want you to be comfortable with me, and if constant reassurance will help, just let me know when you need it, hm?" The question drew a soft sigh from him and he held him a little tighter, just took in his scent and enjoyed having his hair played with for a few moments. "Yeah… Yeah, I remember. All of it, not like little flashes or anything. Everything from the whole week is there." This was definitely not going to be a fun conversation.

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28th July 2014

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【 🔪 】 ; Casually sits on the roof of the cafe he works at. Ryoichi let out a yawn as he used his arms as makeshift pillows, intertwining his fingers together to act as a headrest. The clansman had his earphones on, blaring music. The man clasped his hands together as he leaned forward, staring down at the people passing by, not that many people were. It was rather late, after all.

He had no idea what kind of building that the roof he just climbed onto belonged to, and he really hadn’t expected it to be occupied. Too late to do anything about it now. There was just enough time to flash the other a look half panicked, half pleading and flatten himself as much as possible against said roof before the people chasing him turned the corner into the alley behind the building. Hopefully the other wouldn’t draw attention to him before they gave up looking for him.

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28th July 2014

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Misaki jumped and narrowly avoided being hit by the treat, hissing through his teeth when the other spoke in English. Reaching over, he snatched the blond by the collar and got him in a headlock, gripping him tightly. “Wanna switch back to Japanese, asshole?”

He was instantly limp and trembling. This was the first time there hadn’t been someone else here to hold the other back from actually jumping him when he pissed him off this much, and this was a really bad position for him to be in. The voice he was hearing wasn’t Yata’s, the floor was dirty cement instead of clean hardwood, he was a few seconds away from… Something bad. Something painful, it always hurt…

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28th July 2014

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Lost Dog | dog-of-homra


Saruhiko snorted softly through his nose, an amused grin spreading on his face. Seems yet another member of HOMRA was in a mood.

Honestly he couldn’t decide if he wanted to pity him or just walk away.

Really? Because to me it looks like you’re barely able to walk properly let alone make it anywhere. ” And it was true. Up close he looked in worse shape than he had expected.

"Tch. Shouldn’t you at least make sure you’re actually capable of moving before attempting to head somewhere?"

"What, are you blind? I am moving. Walking. Taking steps. See?" It was just his luck that the knee that one of the people that had caught him earlier had been kind enough to kick from the side decided to have something twist in it with the wonderful result of that leg giving out on him. Luckily the wall was close enough to catch himself on.

"…" No way in hell was he going to ask this fucker for help. And hopefully he wasn’t bleeding through his clothes… Especially his pants. Not thinking about that. Nope, going home, taking a shower, finding painkillers, going to sleep. In that order.

He bit back a whimper as he resumed moving, dragging his still uncooperative leg as little as possible. He could definitely do this. He might just have to crawl for part of the last bit, and it would take a lot longer than if he was uninjured, but he could do it.

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28th July 2014

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yataofhomra said: ≈ [Pool. 7ft/2.1m deep]



Cue a panicked inhalation of water and thrashing in an attempt to get out. It might be a good idea to pull him back out before he drowns. Clock is ticking.

There were very few advantages to being the size that Yata was. This was not one of them. Sure, he could be strong when he actually focused but currently he was paying too much attention to trying to get Eric out of the pool to focus on keeping himself out of the pool. He fell in with a splash and an angry yell.

"You bastard!" Yata’s anger took over for a moment and he almost tried to drown Eric but the situation was dire enough that he was able to calm down, grab Eric’s arm, and start trying to drag him to more shallow water. He could attack the bastard when they were out of the pool but that didn’t seem to be happening as quickly as he had originally hoped.

Being pulled away from the side of the pool seemed like a very bad thing. This caused more panicked thrashing, inhalation of yet more water, and a wonderful sensation of dizziness and floating as everything went black. Passing out may or may not be a good thing here- on one hand, a few more seconds and his heart would stop beating, another few minutes and he would be dead. On the other hand, a limp, unresistant body would be easier to remove from the pool than a panicked, flailing person was.

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